About Us

For Our Daughters, Inc. was founded in 2012 after the founder, Mercedes Wilson, was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer at the young age of 28. It was at this time that Mercedes learned just how much she didn’t know about her own family history. It was through this ordeal that For Our Daughters, Inc. was birthed!

As a 501(c)3 organization, our aim is to assist young women between the ages of 11-19 with living longer, healthier lives by taking the reigns on their health. We believe that every young woman should know her family history and be proactive in speaking up when something isn’t quite right with her body. This is accomplished by going into both middle and high schools all over western New York, spending time with young women in an effort to show them how to open up dialogue with the loved ones in their lives. We talk about not only the importance of learning ones own family history, but also to become comfortable talking about their own health.

Lack of knowledge kills too many young women today, and For Our Daughters, Inc. is on a mission to help change this. For Our Daughters, Inc. is aiming to play a large part in seeing young women all over WNY live long, healthy lives. Our efforts have allowed us to be featured in several news pieces over the years and in 2014, For Our Daughters received the “Community Angel Award” from Women’s Health radio.

Our Mission

Educating young women on how to advocate for their own health and wellness.

Our Vision

Our Vision is a world where young women feel confident, empowered, and their voices are heard.

Our Goal

Our Goals for 2023-2024 is to reach young women in a way that will empower them to make speaking up for their health a habit. In turn they will teach their children and those they care about around them. We will continue to be a resource for young women that are facing barriers with speaking up about their health as we were in 2012.

Our Core Values

Family – We value family and knowing your family history. Obstacles – We want to remove all obstacles that prevent young women from advocating about their own health and wellness. Diversity– We value diversity. No insecurity of a young woman should prevent her from talking about her body. Integrity – We will each live lifestyles of integrity.

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