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About the High School Program

We take pride in what we do with middle schools, high schools and colleges across Western New York. In 2017 we reached over 1,600 young women with the purpose of educating them on how to advocate for themselves. The silence that has surrounded the families of Western New York is over! No longer will our young women walk around in shame when it comes to learning about their health.

Our programs are designed for youth between the ages of 11 and 19. Teenagers have the unique responsibilities of learning who they are in life along with trying to develop relationships with those around them. With the unrealistic pressures that come from advertising and media, teenagers are also challenged with loving themselves. This is very difficult task if they don’t already have an established communication system with the trusted adults in their live

Young women are learning to deal with things that their own parents have never dealt with – things from peer pressure, to body image, and of course their portrayal in the media. The High School Program recognizes these issues, and creates ways for these young women to create dialogue with their parents or guardians. Youth are encouraged to not only learn their family health history but to also establish healthy forms of communication to create great habits NOW. It is through this communication that they learn things that they may not know; creating a safe place with trusted ones to speak about their health and wellness.

So many women have to be told that they have cancer in later stages due to either not knowing their bodies or not being comfortable enough to tell someone that something is wrong. We are here to change that one life at a time.


Contacting For Our Daughters, Inc. to sign up your school or youth organization is the first step to helping young girls prepare for a healthier future.


While participating in the schools can be ideal, it isn’t the only option. You can help by hosting a health focused event at your company or organization too!


We are always in need of educators, fitness instructors and other health conscious professionals who are willing to volunteer their time at our events.


Your efforts and donations continue to be instrumental in not only helping For Our Daughters, Inc. to continue to succeed, but to also help stop Cancer in its tracks with early detection.

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Being a part of the High School Program is an opportunity to not only educate young girls, but to also build stronger bonds at home and among their friends. The pressures they all face related to self esteem, body image, school life, and a yearning to fit in can have an impact on how girls communicate.

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The 2018 For Our Daughters High School Program is sponsored by the Bruce T. Williams Family Foundation.

We’d like to extend a special thank you to Channel 2 News for sponsoring our 2017 season.