It's time for the NEW!

29 Oct

What’s to come for For Our Daughters Inc.?

Hello everyone,

It’s been a while!

We have been so busy over here and we have some amazing announcements to make!  First off check out our new logo below!!!!  FOD is going into our 6th year of serving young women across WNY and we are in a rebranding phase.  Along with redoing our logo, we are looking forward to serve more young women in our communities in 2018.   You will see more of us in the community, not just middle/high schools.  We have received a lot of feedback throughout the last 5 years asking us to come to different community centers and organizations and in 2018 we will do just that!  Please contact us if you would like to learn more on how we can come to you.    We reached 1,653 young women in 2017 and are looking forward to reaching more in the next year.




To do more means that we needed more resources and you all helped to make that happen! This happened a couple of ways: Our 2017 Gala and fundraisers by folks just like you in our communities.

Everything from the band at the Gala to the raffle baskets has created a buzz unlike any other year.  We raised close to $16,000.00 to go toward our school and community programs in 2018!!  54 breast cancer survivors tickets were donated by people/businesses in our community and boy did these ladies have a blast.  We danced the night away!

We have to thank the young adults from Fredonia State College (Hail Fredonia Records), National Miss Reigning America, and Apple for making this night run so smoothly.   Thank you to all volunteers, gala committee, photographers, board members, and everyone that donated their time and resources.  We appreciate you!!

The Fredonia Students put together our very first press conference for the Gala, and they were so successful that it was unbelievable.  They got Channels 2, 4, 7 , and Spectrum to come and advertise this years Gala!  Thank you to Mr. Armond Petri for presenting FOD to his class.

We also want to name a couple of fundraisers that took place in the last couple of months that have helped us tremendously!  Anderson’s Custards did a “shake it up” fundraiser.  They raised over $2,300.00 in just 2 weeks.  We loved receiving pictures from those that made it a point to go and get a shake from Anderson’s to show their support.  We also want to thank Lisa Sorrentino from Anderson’s for thinking of FOD.

Also Sweet Home High School girls swim team raised $1,020.00.  These young ladies put in a ton of work to raise this money and they did it all with a smile.  It was very moving to see them swim in their pink caps that had names of those that were important to them or had been affected by breast cancer in some way.  We have to give a big thank you to both of those groups because they worked so hard to make this happen!

Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 4.57.09 PM     Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 5.00.43 PM


SAVE THE DATE: October 27th, 2018 at the Adams Mark Hotel is the date for next years gala.  We have more announcments coming.  Please check our website at for more information.


***We have moved into a new beautiful office space…..stay tuned for more announcements pertaining to that.

***Submit your stories of how For Our Daughters Inc has helped or influenced you or your daughter(s). We would love to hear from you.