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08 Jun

For Our Daughters Inc Mother/Daughter Luncheon

We did it!  We successfully held our first mother/daughter luncheon and it was amazing.  We wanted something that was going to be intimate and powerful and those exact things happened.

It was months worth of planning, and we had some amazing sponsors that helped make this event very possible.  Tres Jolie Maison and Giacobbi’s provided us with the top notch location with the food to match!

We had 8 mother/daughter groups attend this event.  The young women were within the age group that we target, which is 11-19 years old.  Teenagers face so many hurdles that the older generation did not have to face.  This event was a breeding ground for communication.  Our goal was the plant the seeds of communication and mutual respect between the mothers and daughters that eventually create harvests of strong healthy relationships and comfort in speaking up for their health.  The days of young women being ashamed of their bodies and not properly caring for themselves as a result of that is OVER.

Normally when we go into high school across WNY, we only get the opportunity to reach our young women.  This event allowed us to do activities that uncovered differences and challenges that can stunt crucial communication between mothers and daughters.  The participants were then given an amazing lunch and then a collaborative vision board to set goals for their futures.  There is no one better than Dr. Keli Luchey to do the vision boards, and she did not disappoint!!!  This activity allowed the participants to open up about their past and plan for their futures. It was very eye opening for everyone.


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Each mother/daughter couple was given a gift: an hourglass.  This hour glass signified something though…..whenever a conversation was in order the daughter (or the mother) has the power to grab it and set it down in front of the other.  This hour glass says a lot without either person saying a word…..IT’S TIME TO TALK!

We invest in our mother/daughters participants with the hope of saving just one life.  By not being ashamed to speak up for their own health and wellness, so many diseases can be prevented.  Thank you to all of our participants.  We can’t wait until next year!!

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