For Our Daughters Inc. was launched in 2012, and since then we have come such a long way!  The number 1653 means so much to us…..why?  1653 is the number of young women across WNY that we have reached and educated with the our mission.

To be honest, it started out with the founder going into a few high schools and telling her story of breast cancer.  The goal was to encourage young women to learn their family history and to no longer be silent when it came to their health.  We all have heard the saying that “early detection saves lives”.  That phrase is very true, but we someone how needed to translate that to our youth.


During the first year of going into the high/middle schools something started to happen…..the young women really started to open up and tell the reasons WHY they don’t speak up to their parents/guardians.  The reasons caused us to dig more and develop a program that not only encouraged young women to learn their family history, but also learn how communicate with the loved ones in their lives to become more comfortable speaking up about their own health and wellness.


Each year we have reached more and more young women and that has allowed us to learn so much more when about the world and mindset of being a teenager in todays society.  From Medina to Niagara Falls we made a difference!  Young women have been inspired and educated on how to advocate for their own health and wellness.  We have also learned a few lessons along the way that further help us grow as a organization.    Thanks to the dedication of the For Our Daughters staff and board of directors, we are able to not only grow but young women all across WNY are setting themselves up for long and healthy lives!!!


Thank you to all of our supporters in the communities of WNY!  Thank you to all of the high/middle schools that allowed us to come and reach your young women.  See you next year!!! We will not stop doing what we do!!!