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It’s holiday season and also the first time that For Our Daughters is actually joining in on the Giving Tuesday event!  So many people support their organizations of choice throughout the year, whether it be by way of volunteering, hosting fundraisers, or just spreading the word for a worthy cause.  This year has been huge for For Our Daughters.  We had amazing support by way of fundraisers, and our biggest fundraiser of the year, our Gala, was  huge success!  We welcomed the American Idol winner Candice Glover to the stage and she won over the hearts of those that did not know her along with reminding the people that voted for her why they loved her so much.


Each year we have sponsors that donate tickets so breast cancer survivors don’t have to pay.  This year we had 54 survivors present!  The memories that were made on the evening of October 22nd will last a lifetime.  From the amazing dinner to the survivor tributes, it was a night to remember.


Our high school program reached over 1,100 young women between the ages of 11-19 with the message of how to become comfortable with advocating for their own health and wellness.  Not only did we take the message to the youth, but we did hands on activities to educate them on the “how” to do it.  Zumba with Ashley Stewart was amazing and over 95% of the young women loved that part of the program.  We are gearing up for our 2017 school already and have high goals of reaching 1500 young women.  Not only do we value the education piece, but we also value the physical fitness piece and that is why we will again offer Zumba wherever we go.   After some of the school visits this year, we received emails from the parents stating that their daughters came to them and started the conversation about their health.  It is examples like this that make what we do worth it.  Thank you to all of the youth that took that step to make a difference in your own health.

We have several places do fundraisers for For Our Daughters.  They were all very fun.  From our annual t-shirt fundraiser, to pageants, to kick boxing events…..thank you all for your support!



We can’t reveal all of the wonderful things that 2017 will hold for us as an organization, but we can promise that there will be more education and excitement!

Thank you to every single person that showed support to For Our Daughters Incorporated in 2016.  Your shares, donations, volunteered time, and well wishes have not gone unnoticed.  We welcome more supporters as we have big goals for 2017.  If you would love to help by way of volunteering, hosting a fundraiser at your job, or helping us spread the word,  please contact us at info@forourdaughtersinc.org.  We promise to continue to make an impact that will last a lifetime for our young women, and it is because of great people like you, that we will be celebrating 5 years.   The best is yet to come!!

We welcome your donations to help us continue to make a difference:





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