Allow your children to see you living your dreams!

14 Aug

What are YOUR dreams?

Nothing makes you go after your dreams like experiencing something that you think is going to take you out.   I growing up, I experienced some not so good experiences and it caused me to struggle with some major insecurities.  One thing that started when I was around 12 years old was the desire to help other young women that were going through what I was, but in my pain, I couldn’t figure what that thing would be.

As I got older that desire never went away, instead it got stronger.  I would imagine myself doing exactly what I wanted to do and the looks on the faces of the young women that were helped.  Every single one of us are put here for a reason, and no one can search that out but you.  Is there something that is burning on the inside of you that you can’t stop thinking about?  A mentor of mine once asked the famous question “What would you do everyday without ever getting tired of it, even if you didn’t get paid?”  My answer has always been help young women and sing…..ALWAYS.  There were other talents that were entertained such as going to beauty school or pursuing a singing career, but like every other college student, I had to find my way.

What are your talents, what makes you extremely happy?  If you feel you don’t have a talent, have you opened your mind to trying several different things?  Does it help others in a way that inspires them to chase their dreams?  I truly believe that when you are doing what you are supposed to be doing and doing it in excellence, your energy can be seen and felt by those around you!  When others are around someone that is fulfilling their destiny, it sparks something in them to want to do better.

One of the things that I notice about my daughter is that she wants to be involved in the things that she sees me the most excited about.  She asks questions, and how she can help.  One thing that never changes is the facet that our children are watching.  I allow my daughter to help for a couple of reasons, 1. it teaches her hard work and that nothing is given to you, and 2. she is discovering what she is good at, her passions, and 3. everyone needs to be taught the importance of doing for others without expecting anything in return.

The sole reason that For Our Daughters was to end the silence around breast cancer between my daughter and I .  We now talk about all health issues openly.  I would be lying if I said there weren’t times where I was angry, confused, and felt like giving up.  Once I realized that certain emotions came because of the need for growth, my perspective changed.  Growth can be frustrating at times, but the key is not giving up!  My desire is that my daughter and I  continue to talk about everything as she grows up, so I fight for that.  One thing that I will always try to do is allow her to see me doing different things, so she can discover her passions and go hard after them without giving up!

For those of us that haven’t quite discovered our destiny yet, please keep going until you find it and when you do GO HARD AFTER IT!  In that process, spend time with your daughter(s) and give her the privilege to see you working hard at being the best you and maybe she will discover hers as well!  Do all that you do with excellence, so that those that come across your path are inspired to do better.


Ask yourself these questions:

If you could do anything without getting paid, what would it be?

Are you chasing that?

Who is watching you pursue your destiny?

What example are you setting for your daughter(s)?

If you are doing what you love to do, are you inspiring those that come along your path to be better?